Saturday, 22 October 2016

Warbases 25mm Ammunition Cart

Warbases teamed up with The Lardies for a range of carts and wagons especially 
for their new rules Sharpes Practice,  this Ammunition Cart fits perfectly into
 my Donnybrook rules, and at £3 its an absolute bargain.

And here's a pic of the wagon, off its base being used to protect a flank.

Monday, 17 October 2016

SELWG Swag, better late than never!

Can't believe its taken me over a week to get some pics taken of my SELWG Swag!!!
Tut Tut!
The above figure Col Bill's Moll Cutpurse was a gift from that very nice Fudge
 eater Sir Clint of Gillingham.
She's a healthy girl that Moll!
Cheers Clint!

A few packs of North Stars 1672 range.
A pack of French Dragoons, King Louis and how could I not resist D'Artagnan!

From Ainsty Castings - Artillery equipment &
Col Bill's new figures C17th Century Villagers.
So new they're not even on their website yet!!

Why oh why oh why??

More offshoots for Donnybrook!
Bacon's Rebellion and King William's War in America?!?!
Redoubt Indians

These were a must from Col Bill.
From Old Glory English Marines....sigh!

From Foundry....Lazy Luther Road Workers
technically for the SYW, but they'll do for me as NYW!

 Oh dear.....more Indians!!!
From Foundry

First thing I've bought from a Bring and Buy for a while.
Don't really need it, it just took my fancy??

 Last but not least. More 15mm Essex NYW figures!!!!

Yee haw!!!