Saturday, 24 March 2018

AHPC 8 - The Cardinal's Guard & a Wagon

This is most probably my last post of the Challenge, I don't think I'll get my last figures finished.
So here we have 8 x Redoubt Enterprises Cardinals Guard to fight my previous entry the 
Four Musketeers.

 These are excellent multipart figures. I bought some odds and sods at a show a few years ago and then my daughter bought me some figures for Christmas.

What's great about these is, as they're multipart you can chop and change body's, legs and heads
and come up with different poses.

Check out the 3rd and 5th figure, they're the same body, with different head and legs!!

Lastly I wanted a few wagons to use as barricades or scenery pieces. I strted painting up 2 wagons
but only finished this one. Its a Col Bill's ECW period wagon
and can be bought for only £5.50. Its made out of MDF and was very easy to put together!

Just for scale, one of the Guards standing next to the wagon, its quite a large piece!!
I earned myself 55 points for this entry.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

AHPC8 All For One!!

Well how about this then. 25mm figures from me that aren't for Donnybrook or the NYW?
I do plan to have another few reads of the Osprey Rules En Garde!
They may well be the rules I'll be using....of course I could always use Donnybrook??
The figures are from Redoubt Enterprises, which have recently been bought by 
Andy from Grubby Tanks!
I did order some transfers for their tabards for Redoubt, but got 3 figures in the post instead?
Not sure what happened there, Andy??
So I had to paint the design myself.
Hopefully I'll be able to paint up some rotters for the chaps to skewer before the Challenge ends?
4 x 28mm figures should earn me 20 point!