Tuesday, 17 January 2017

AHPC VII. Entry 3 - Donnybrook - 25mm Woodland Indians

 "Concentrate on one thing at a time".........this is what I told myself in October, "Just
paint the French for Donnybrook in the Challenge".....did I listen?


So for my third entry into this years Challenge I've painted up what I talked myself
 into getting. Luckily for me I didn't buy any of these figures, 6 were part of my 
Santa Claus pressie, (thanks again Santa) while the other 6 along with others were a 
Xmas pressie from my 2 eldest daughters Emily and Abi.

The plan is (and my plans never seem to work out), is to paint up a 4 point Indian War party for Donnybrook, not for the French Indian Wars, but for the earlier King Philip's War 1675-78,
Bacon's Rebellion 1676 and King William's War in Canada 1688-97.
A 4 point army without characters is only 42 figures, so I may well double it up to an 
8 point army??? (See what I mean about my plans?)

Anyway on with the figures...
They are from Warlord Games in the UK and will make up my first point of
 12 x Bow armed Recruits.
Now I'm not 100% happy with the paintjob to be honest, the figures look like they've had a month in the sun, with the fleshtone I've used. I knew halfway through they were to dark
but hey ho!! Suntanned they will have to remain.
These well oiled boys netted me 60 points pushing me up to 55th place in the AHPC VII.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

AHPC VII. Armour Bonus Round - 25mm Donnybrook English Engineer


Its Bonus round time!!
And our first Bonus round was "Armour"
I don't really do any periods that use armour per say, so this was the best I could do
this Dixon Miniature from their Grand Alliance range. 
He's the Officer in their EG2 Pioneer pack well worth the £6.95 IMHO!
The other figures in the pack will hopefully be making an appearance later in 
the Challenge

 If you feel the need to vote for my Officer, or any of the other splendid entries
then click this link!
Adding the 55 points for this figure to my total gave me 75 points and pushed me
up to 51st place, although I'm back down to 57th as I write this post!

The next Bonus round is due in on the 22nd Jan and is "East"???
this has really left me scratching my head!

Maybe time to think laterally once again???